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What is Don’t Touch That Dial

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Don’t Touch That Dial
aired on KCSN in Los Angeles, CA for almost 30 years  The show stated  on Thursday nights, hosted by Kevin Stern, with help from Jerry Haendigues & Harvey Tow,and quickly grew to  3 days a week, and then settled for its long stay on Sunday afternoons. .

So if you have found this site,  sit back and enjoy listening to the GOLDEN DAYS OF RADIO, yes kids, there was a time when there was no TV and you had to put your mind to work.

Shows are added often, and at some point, hopefully soon, we will have a better site and be able to broadcast live.

Just  go to the Radio Shows page, and enjoy going back in time to the The Golden Age of Radio

Don’t Touch that Dial is pleased to welcome Ms. Diana Ramsey to our growing list of dedicated employees